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Chances for Waterloo Mechanical Engineering?

A photo of Muirhead11 Muirhead11
Adv. Functions: 85
Physics: 83
English: 87
Chemistry: 83
Calculus: 89
Data Managment: 91

Overall avg of 86.33

Rep Hockey from grade 9-11
Golf Club and Tournaments
Weight Lift 5 days/week
Lawn Cutting business from April to October
Work 17 hours/week in grade 12 (basically quit rep hockey to work, impossible to do both)

How are my chances looking? Don't baby me be brutally honest! Thanks
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A photo of plato plato
Your marks are inline with last year's admissions average for the program. You should have a good chance at getting in. Half of all offers at waterloo go out starting early May. Good luck!
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