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Chances of acceptance in to Waterloo's software engineering?

A photo of WaterlooHopeful WaterlooHopeful
Hey guys, I'm still in grade ten, so it's probably hard to say based on what I've done so far. That being said, are my chances of acceptance looking good?

I always get 95+ in math, I'm getting a 7 in IB physics, (AKA 97%), and I have at least an 80 in everything else. My average floats around 90% for the most part.

I plan on taking full IB. However, I haven't taken computer science and I don't know if I will because I can already create programs of equal quality to anyone I have seen in our school's programming classes. (Plus, I'm submitting an app to blackberry, and if all goes well I will soon have several available to prove my credentials).

So do you think I can handle software engineering at Waterloo? Also, should I drop full IB and take computer science? (Alternatively, I can take five courses in one semester, but with full IB, that could be tricky).
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A photo of aimango aimango
this is what i have to say about IB: waste of time if you know what specific program youre going into. waste of time taking history HL or whatever humanities it may be. too bad your school doesnt have CS IB.

I really recommend taking CS in HS, altho you can easily self learn it yourself, taking it in CS would just encourage you to do more work in it (rather than non-math and non-cs stuff that you dont need for your future)

anyways, what programming languages do you know? it seems youve been doing your own little projects by yourself, and i encourage that. that type of thing is useful for admissions, and even for coop search when that time comes.

i cant say much about your marks because marks change can easily change from gr 10 to gr 12.
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A photo of WaterlooHopeful WaterlooHopeful
Here's what I've decided: (Hopefully I chose well...)
I'm still taking full IB simply because there aren't a lot of courses outside of IB that I think would be interesting that do not have an IB version, and I've heard that it makes first year university seem a lot easier and there are a few IB-specific scholarships.
I plan on taking Gr.11 CS this summer online, because my school only offers the college level class, but online I can take university level computer science.
On top of that, I have continued to program in actionscript 3, making Adobe AIR apps for the Blackberry PlayBook. (Right now all I have is what the PlayBook devs call a "crapplication", meaning that it is a simple app that was made as quickly as possible in an attempt to qualify for the offer of a free PlayBook). You can check out my "crapp" if you want - https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/26514. I'll be improving it when I get an actual test device.
aimango, do you like the program? Any suggestions on the kind of programming that would help me get in or be useful for the first part of the program? If you are in residence, do you like the one you are in?
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A photo of arviny arviny
Drop IB, it only gets harder and drops your average.
You don't need IB to get into SE or CS at UW.
Also take computer science in grade 11 and 12 and self learn some programming languages.
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A photo of WaterlooHopeful WaterlooHopeful
Drop IB, it only gets harder and drops your average.

I'm currently taking IB physics and math (both SL) and they're my easiest subjects to be honest. I'm getting 97% and 100%, so it isn't bringing down my average at all. The only courses that I could see myself having serious trouble with would be English or French, but I have an older sister who has taken both to help with that :). My sister also took HL chem and bio, so she can help me with both of them. She's not really having too much trouble with IB either, so I think I'll be fine.
If I really can't handle IB, I'll drop a few courses after next semester/year. I'm not going to just drop out without even trying. I know that I don't need it, I just want it. Like I said before, I'm taking at least Gr.11 CS, and I may or may not take Gr.122 because it is a pain for me to do it online because they aren't offered at my school.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
SL courses are ridiculously easy compared to the HL ones, from what I can tell, just saying. I'm dropping IB for my grade 12 year but honestly if you put in the time it's not as hard as everyone says it is. You'll be getting labs/essays every other week at least on top of doing your IOP/IOC (for HL english) and your extended essay and portfolios. If you leave these to the last minute like I have you'll more than likely find IB "too hard" or "too much work", but if you're good at time management you should be able to stay and do well enough to get into university.
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A photo of WaterlooHopeful WaterlooHopeful
What's IOP/IOC? I'm taking SL English, so do I still do one of those? Also, I think the subject matters more than HL vs SL in some cases, since my sisters only courses that aren't predicted at 7s are SL English and SL French.
I appreciate the comments, but please don't try to talk me out of full IB. I'm trying it, and if it's too hard, I'll leave it. There's really no point in dropping it until I know how difficult it is, because taking tech or gym isn't going to help me get into the university programs I'm looking at. (Like I said before, I would take Computer Science, but my schoool only has the college level version, so I'm taking CS online over the summer).
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