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Chances of acceptance?

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Here's the situation:

This is my third year at Western studying economics. First year grades are garbage, but somehow made it. Second year grades were better, still some troubles there. Third year, although considered second year on academic probation, was significantly better. Grades started reflecting how well I did in high school, except that one essay course: whoever graded my paper didn't like it, and I didn't make it while on academic probation. Other than the one essay course, everything else has been going smoothly.

1. I'm wondering if I should try applying to York for administrative studies, or Ryerson (Ted Rogers School of Management) for business management or hospitality and tourism management.

2. I've already started on my 105 application on OUAC, and I'm wondering since the transcript request section doesn't include my high school, will including my OEN on my application automatically get my high school transcript through?
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