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Chances of being accepted to Guelph for Nutrition and Food

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my midterms just went in. Guelph says that it requires 70% in all prerequisites , but i have lower than a 70 in my bio....will that affect how they view my overall average?

other 2 top courses:
business leadership:84%
music repertoire : 90%

that makes my average 80.4 %.
is the program really competitive?

i also applied to ryerson and western but i dont really want ryerson and i dont tihnk i would make it into western anyways.
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A photo of jessicadhaliwal jessicadhaliwal
hey! have you heard back yet? i have an 80% as well and have heard from ryerson and brescia, but not guelph- which is where i want to go. i'm stressing out! i have less than 70 in chemistry as well.
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A photo of ktlm1 ktlm1
i just got accepted to guelph nutritional sciences with an 83 average!

Accepted and Attending
Western Kinesiology Bsc (85 avg)
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