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chances of getting into my program

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McMaster-> Engineering I (Co-Op)
Waterloo/Ryerson/Western -> Mechanical Engineering
York -> Computer Engineering
and University of Toronto -> Track 1 General Engineering

my marks;
Sem1 (final):
Advanced Functions- 87
Chemistry - 70 :(
English - 67 :(
Elective - 89

Sem 2 (mid-term):
Calculus - 89
Physics - 80
Elective- 77

Top 6 average including english; 80.3
what do you guys think my odds of getting in to my programs are? I'm really hoping for Mcmaster. Don't think I have a chance for waterloo and uft

Also will some uni consider using my elective of 77% instead of using my english mark of 67% in the top 6 calculation? Even though it's a pre-req
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Bring that 60 up to at least a 70 since that is the minimum. And no, if its a prereq then they will count it; it will automatically be in your top 6. I think you might have a chance at ryerson and maybe western. McMaster is stil a possibility as well but uoft and waterloo are a long shot, but still possible if you bring the 67 up. Good Luck!
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A photo of Burner22 Burner22
Thanks for the support. Sadly the 67 is in 1st semester, final marks, so I can't change that mark at all.

The marks above are what the universities will look mainly at; 1st semester final and 2nd semester

hopefully I still have a chance for McMaster/Western with the 67 in english, I would be happy to get into either of them.
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