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Chances of getting into U of T engineering science?

A photo of xugengyu xugengyu
I want to begin planning early, so here are grade 11 marks.
Math (enriched) 97
Physics (enriched) 94
Chemistry (enriched) 94
Biology 91
English 95
French 97
Art 95
Technological Design 97
I know the last few marks probably won't matter...

So basically, my weakness is biology, but would that hurt my chances of getting into engineering science?

I think I have a bunch of extra curricular activities (eg school club president, member of other clubs, various volunteering activities, student advisor of a charity organization...) and I'm gonna do more.

If this is not enough, what program would you suggest?
Or is there anything I can do to increase my odds?
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A photo of xugengyu xugengyu
Thanks in advance.:cheers:
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A photo of ktel ktel
Biology is probably not even a prerequisite (it isn't for most engineering programs, don't know if eng sci is different), so the courses that will matter will be math, physics, chemistry and English. If you're from Ontario then the next 2 highest marks will be used in your top 6 average for admission.

If you keep your marks similar to this in grade 12 I would be surprised if you didn't get into eng sci at U of T. Anything above 90% should get you into any engineering program
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A photo of xugengyu xugengyu
Thanks. Hopefully Bio won't matter.
It's really ironic; I tried the hardest on that subject...
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A photo of ktel ktel
It won't matter, but even if it did, a 91% is a good mark.

I have chosen to respond seriously to you, but it can be kind of obnoxious when people come on here saying "HELP! Is my 95% average good enough?" because it just looks like they're bragging.
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A photo of jelly jelly
Your top 6 should consist of 2 maths, physics, chemistry, english, and one elective. As far as I know, for most/all engineering programs, calculus and advanced functions are both prerequisites, while biology is not. Personally I think those marks are sufficient and with decent ECs you shouldn't really have much of a problem getting in.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Your averages surpass most if not all university required averages. Seriously, NO need to worry, if you keep those average up in Grade 12, you will most certainly get admission to the universities you apply to.
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A photo of Arthur Arthur
You will definitely get in. Don't worry about joining more clubs or doing more things to get into university because your ECs already look pretty good, but I don't think you can ever be too involved. I'm not sure if you're set on going to engsci, but nevertheless, you should do some research on universities this summer to see where you actually want to go because you might not have a lot of time during grade 12, but you have lots of time now. There's lots of threads on engsci on studentawards that you can read through if you're interested in it, but from what I've read, you shouldn't go there just because of the prestige or because you want a challenge. If you already know what kind of engineer you want to be, it might be better to just go directly into that stream. At the risk of contradicting myself, don't worry too much about it now since it's still quite a long time away. Enjoy your summer!
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
Unless you are planning to specialize in biological engineering, biomedical engineering, or environmental engineering, from what I understand, your biology mark won't be looked at.
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A photo of maomaoyu2010 maomaoyu2010
LOL..your grades are pretty good. You just need to keep your grades up in grade 12 too. Admission average around 92 or 93 in grade 12 will definitely give you an Engineering Science offer! For sure, you need to be strong in Maths and Physics.
But..You need to think about if you really want Engineering Science..just youtube some EngSci videos..lol

Most ppl came to EngSci because they didn't know what program to choose. But if you know what you want to do, it's better for you to think about if EngSci worth it.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Or you can find a university with general first year engineering. U of T isn't the only engineering school out there, obviously.
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