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Chances of Mac & Guelph acceptance

A photo of Kozy Kozy
I applied to both the Social Science and Humanities faculties at Mac, and an undeclared arts at Guelph. I've already been accepted at UOIT for Business and Trent for Media Studies. What are my chances with Mac and Guelph?

My Grades are as follows...

English - 80
Philosophy - 80
Comm Tech - 80
History - 77
Business Leadership - 76
World Issues - 72

That averages out around a 77.5

My Classes this semester are Writers craft and International Business. I'm capable of pulling off at least a low 80 too high 70 in both those classes, replacing the 72 and 76.

The cut off for Mac is a "Mid 70" and Guelph I believe is a 75-78. Would I be safe to assume ill get acceptances for both? Does the fact that I applied to Mac for two separate faculties, as well as putting them in my #1&2 spots help my case?

Thanks in advance
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A photo of PurpleMustang PurpleMustang
I'd say you have a decent shot at both schools. Granted, I applied to universities two years ago. Though, I'd still say you have a decent shot.
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A photo of Dope Dope
My average is literally almost the same as yours (77.8) and I also have Mac social sciences as my first choice. I'd say we both have a rather decent shot, however we won't be hearing from Mac until last minute acceptances go out I bet -_-
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A photo of vslow vslow
You'll get accepted into Guelph for sure, it's ridiculously easy to get accepted. When they sent you the acknowledged package in the mail, there's a brochure that came with the package and it had a list of the average cutoffs for each program, and they were like low - mid 80's, so you'll be fine (:
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