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Chances Of University, please Help...Desperate

A photo of Skittless Skittless
Hey Guys~
so, typically. im just another teenager applying to university.
i want to know my chances of getting into the following programs with my grades.
Currently i have:
International Business-90
Advanced Functions- 56 (grr....need to get this up..considering online/night school)

Second Semester-estimated %
Calculus-70 (aiming...) OR Data Management (82) -need to decide which course. this depends on what unis im applying to...

Business Leadership(94)

1.Ryerson University-Business Management (ted rogers)
2.Wilfrid Laurier University -BA Honours Economics [ECONOMICS]
3.University of Guelph-University of Guelph-Humber (Honours) (BBA)
4.McMaster University- Business I [ACCOUNTING]
5.York University -Human Resources Management (BHRM)
6.Ryerson University -International Economics and Finance
7.Brock University- BAcc Honours Accounting (COOP)

i also wanna know my chances of Waterloo CA co-op
BBA Wilfred Laurier :S

Thanks Guys~
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A photo of maynards maynards
if you do night school and get your adv func to an 80+, and take calc with another 80+. you'll be fine for most. 80 is like the key number. if your prereqs are passed that your good. and you have stuff like IB pulling up ur avg
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A photo of maynards maynards
Oops i meant to say take Data not calc. since you project an 82.
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
Advanced Functions is the only thing that is bringing you down. To be honest, I can tell you that anything below an 80% average or so will not get you very far. You are doing pretty well in the other courses helping bring your marks up.

Are Accounting and Business Leadership estimates or courses you took in grade 11?
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A photo of Redprince Redprince
Take data management because the calculus is really hard. Not to mention, you have to do a mid-term exam which drops many people's average. And taking advance function again will bring you up to 75%+ for sure because advance function second time around is really easy.

Also, if you have a lot of extra circular activities or volunteer hours, make sure to report them. This way the universities will be more lenient towards your mark.

In my opinion you will be able to get into majority of the universities that you have applied to.
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A photo of g93 g93
Unless you have really high grade 11 marks, you likely will not receive an invite to the AFMAA. No AFMAA, no AFM.

In addition, a competitive average is somewhere between 90 and 94. You would really have to do well in your AF repeat and your data/calc class, and bring some of those other marks up.

As for the others, Laurier BBA requires the highest average of all of them. The cutoff is 86/87, although you can get in if you're within 3% of the cutoff and have a good ABS form. But if you can get into Laurier, you can get into all of the others.
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A photo of Skittless Skittless
well, i know for sure i can be enrolled in night school..and since its the second time of advanced functions...it will be better. i also heard night school marks are inflated...so it should be up to 80+ but i will be working my butt of for a high mark there.
yeah, ill take data management..not calc. (im considering calc in summer school...4 week course...just to make sure i know a bit of it for uni...should i ?)

@nehalkazim Yeah, i need this 80% average...math is bad...accounting and business leadership are estimates...as ive taken account gr11 last year and did alright....and business leadership is like a bird course..

@redprince thank you so much....i hope your right :/ just gotta be involved..and maintain an 80%+ average...

@g93 Alright, that was expected ..no waterloo but thanks...i hope its laurier i get into...would you need like tons of extra curricular if your average ended up to be like an 83-84%?

would my extra curriculars be enough..should i be involved more?

Deca provincials
Exec of Mosiac club
Art Committee
mississauga`s youth committee
Interact Club
30 hour famine ambassador for world vision
Volunteering Peel Member
page turners at school
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
you should really divert your focus from ECs and focus more on your academics. As is it goes for your question. No, you should not join more clubs. You have a lot now, and if you join more it will be hard for you to manage clubs as well as take time out to study.
Good luck (:
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A photo of DayOnBay DayOnBay
Chances look slim.
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