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Chances, what are they? I know this is cliche' on this site by now.

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I've applied to U of T St. George for Humanities, and I had thought until recently I had a good chance. I am now unsure and would like reassurance, but, more so I want the truth. I've calculated my average to be around 82-84% depending upon my ENG4U mark. My ENG4U I predict to be around 75%, my teacher has only given back one assignment and it is a week before midterms. Asides from my ENG4U mark, my Grade 12 Canadian Law is the only other low mark which sits at 75 as well. I know that a 75% is a low mark, I took Canadian Law when I did not really care about school. As for English... I'm not sure, my teacher thinks that she is god's gift (I know that sounds childish). My other marks are as follows:

CHY4U: 90 (mid-term mark)
HHS4M: 90 (mid-term mark)
HSB4M: 85
HZT4U: 90

Thanks, I appreciate anyone who took the time on this one.
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I think you will have a chance. Just keep working hard!
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I think that you have a fair chance being accepted to UTSG. You have around an 84% average, which makes the cut-off line for UofT (not the best, but still there).

I'm in the same boat as you (mid-English avg. is a 74), just with a slightly lower average (80-81% but I want to be accepted for Political Science so that's an acceptable average-I'm just stressed about English now).

Let us hope that we'll both get accepted to UTSG:)
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