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Changed mind in path, and as a result applied late to some programs.

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I have always thought about going into sciences and or maths and this year, the most important year of highschool of course I decided I didn't really like it as much as I had once. As a result I applied late to some programs and schools because I had to change my options. Thankfully I had fast tracked a lot so I already have some good marks under my belt but the science marks aren't too amazing, okay but not amazing if that makes any sense. Is this really bad or should I just relax, i just regret not being certain before and its just an added worry. Has this happened to anyone?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Okay so.. let me get this straight.
You wanted to go into sciences, but this year, you decided not to pursue science, but you're still taking science courses..
but you didn't apply for a science program for university?

If what I said is right, then it shouldn't really matter and you don't need to be concerned, if you changed your program choice and applied for something else.. like Arts/Humanities/Business.. you don't need to use your science marks, as long as you keep your other academic courses up that you need for admission.
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