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Changing my application?

A photo of lowexpectations lowexpectations
I know this has probably been asked a lot, but I'm too lazy to look, so bear with me please.

If I wanted to change one of the programs I applied to at one university to a program at another university right now (Mid-late Feb), would this affect my chances of getting in to ANY of the other universities I applied to (by re-submitting my application)?

I want to switch Western Nursing for Ryerson Nursing...

And would my chances of getting accepted into Ryerson be very low if I applied now?

Instead of changing one of my applications, if I just added and paid for Ryerson, would this affect anything?

Sorry if these questions don't make much sense :albino: and thanks in advance for any answers.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You should be okay to switch it as long as you haven't been accepted into Western nursing yet.
Just go on your OUAC account, delete the Western one and add in the Ryerson one.. you shouldn't have to pay anything extra.
In terms of affecting your acceptance.. It might affect early admission.. but I haven't heard of anyone getting early acceptance into Nursing.
But since it takes a few weeks to process a new application, if nursing did give out early acceptances hypothetically, your new application might not make it in time for early admission since early offers are usually given out around this time.
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