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Changing OUAC rankings after offers of admission

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Hi guys:)

I was wondering, if I have already received an offer of admission from some of the universities that I have applied to, am I allowed to go into OUAC and change the university rankings so that the ones that I have ranked first(the ones that accepted me) will be ranked last? This will be so then I can move the other rankings up so that the ones that haven't accepted me will be ranked higher.

I would appreciate all insight and responses! Thanks in advance! :D

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A photo of napinhei napinhei
Yes, you’re able to do that, but there is no reason you should bother. The rankings don’t play any part in whether universities accept you or not. The fact that your top ranked university accepted you already is merely a coincidence.

The reason OUAC asks you to rank the universities is only so that universities have statistical information and can:

A. see how interested applicants are in picking their university above others,


B. make an estimate about approximately how many first years they will have since a number one ranking means that person is most likely going to be attending their university.

They don’t care whether you rank them first or last. If you meet or exceed the requirements for admission that year, they will accept you in hopes that you will choose them.

Why? Because they know some people won’t be accepted to their first choice. Some people might not even be accepted to their second or third or however many universities they applied to. As a result, some people will be forced to look at their last choice as an option, which therefore means that there will be people attending a university that they ranked last. A university wouldn’t want to lose this opportunity if the applicant was good enough to be offered admission.

So yeah, don’t waste your time. The rankings won’t get your application looked at any faster and it won’t increase the likelihood of getting accepted.
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
changing the order of them won't help or do anything really
when i was applying, i think i heard that those rankings are for data collection or something anyways
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