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ChemENG 2012-2013

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I am a female student applying from Northern Ontario and like many of you I am anticipating acceptance from some of the more competitive universities. In particular, University of Toronto. Midterms will be posted tommorow morning and I can't help but ponder what the university's reaction will be to my marks. Tell me what you think, and if I am likely to get into my program. I have already been accepted to Ryerson (Backup) but would like to attend the more prestigious schools I have to applied to (i.e. Waterloo and UofT)

English 84
Advanced Functioncs 82
Religion 87
Physics 82
Biology 84
This is the flop
Chemistry 75
Calculus 65
I have a misrable teacher for Calculus and most of my class is sitting in the level 2 range. As for chemistry I have no excuse, it is a difficult course, but I can imagine finishing it with a level 4. On the other hand in grade 11, all my marks were over 80 percent (inculding SCH3U). My SPF was very strong, I have been working for 4 years and participate in a number of extra curricular activities. Including the Mayors Youth Advisory Council in my city and Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving run through the local hospital, Track and Feild, etc.
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Honestly, your EC's are really good it seems, they could get you a bunch of scholarships if you applied to the right ones.

But because your chem mark is relatively (to others applying) low, I would think that they might not accept you for Chemical engineering. The main idea behind it is that you'll excel at Chemistry - according to your marks they see your flagship science course as bio. Another point is that your average is in the lower end for engineering courses @ Toronto / Waterloo **** Now, I'm not saying that there aren't any exceptions (as in you must achieve an average of [x] to get in) but usually the exceptions are lower marks in English / Religion / Biology, and a very high chem mark. So if you had 78 - 83 in those courses and say a 97+ in Chem, then they would consider you with more merit.

So at the end, I could see maybe see you getting an offer from Toronto (and a later one at that) but from what I've seen from the admissions process at Waterloo, I think it's unlikely.

That's just my opinion - remember you have AWESOME EC's that many people would be jealous of, but maybe Chem engineering isn't exactly appropriate right now considering the marks they will really look at your chem, calc, and physics marks.

Hopefully you will get an offer from both Waterloo and Toronto - and THEN chem will get hard.
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