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A photo of Danill007 Danill007
Hi I'm currently in grande 11. My Question is if those univerities only count my grade 12 top 6 marks of they will count everything or only the prerequisite.
In Grade 11, 1st semester my average is around 70%. Semester 2 I will have around 80% so my average will be like 75%.
In Grade 12 I am 100% I'm going to have more than 80% in Chemestry, Physics, Advanced Function and Calculus but in english I'm going to have 70. Let's say my average in my top 6 is 82% and prerequisite is 80% and all the courses probably 85%.
My plan is to go to waterloo or UFT or any other good university in chemical enginnering.
Will they accept me?
Thank You
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A photo of imaginaryengineer imaginaryengineer
Yes grade 12 is what matters most. They will look at grade 11 for early acceptance. Your going to need higher then 82% (think high eighty or low ninety) for UW or Uoft. But seriously consider going out of province ontario has the highest tuition rates and since you mention uoft the rates here are being raised soon or so i hear. Think about UofA. They have a coop program similar to UW.
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A photo of Danill007 Danill007
Thank you for the response
I just want to add that I speak fluently french so I can go to Concordia but not McGill because is is like 90%+.
You didn't answer my question, how would I know how to universities calculate my average (top 6,all the courses or only the prerequisites).
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A photo of plato plato
The top 6 is calculated using the 5 prerequisite courses, along with your next highest grade 12 academic mark. Example: Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Functions, English, [French].
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