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Choice between U of A, Western, Queens?

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So I'm doing engineering and am in the process of deciding between U of A, Western, or Queens.
In terms of the program, I'm aware they are all good and one may be slightly better than others but that is not the issue at hand for me, I don't think I will be disappointed by the workload or class aspect at either or.

I've seen the campuses for all three so I have that knowledge, my deciding factor now is based on the people, and the nightlife. I live in Calgary and I'm 18 so I'm pretty used to going to the bar, and the party scene in high school.

I'm an easygoing person, and I'd prefer having a good night at a laid back pud with lots of friends or go to a house party rather than going out dancing all night.
I want to know what a typical night is like at each campus.
I've heard Western and Queens are quite similar but Western is a little more wild and Queens is more academically focused.

any info helps!
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
I can easily compare U of A and Western. Western is definitely more of a spirited school than U of A; there's really no comparison in that department. Liking U of A as a school and having a lot of pride in it is not the norm; liking Western and having a lot of pride in it is the norm there. Overall, Western is more like the university you think of when you think of universities (i.e. what you typically see in movies). U of A is not distinct from Edmonton, nobody cares about the sports teams, homecoming is not a big deal, etc... U of A does, however, have Lister (residence). Saugeen (the rowdiest residence at Western, and quite well known across Ontario for it) doesn't even seem as cool as Lister. As far as bar scenes go, London kicks @ss in that a number of its good bars/clubs are located within spitting distance of each other ("Richmond Row"); Edmonton has Whyte Ave, but it just isn't the same. What I said about Western could just as easily apply to Queen's; Queen's and Western are a lot alike in many ways.

That being said, you have to decide if you'd be fine with being that far away from your family, going to Western or Queen's. It can be tough, especially if you're only 18. Also, in case you didn't know, legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.
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