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Choosimg a UofT college??

A photo of mariazuppardi12 mariazuppardi12
I want to either do a major or a specialst in English. How do I chose a UofT college, and which one would be best for me? Thanks!
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
colleges are not, in any way related to your major.. although you'll find that colleges support certain majors (for example, i know that UC supports drama and sexual studies, i think), you do not have to go there if you're studying drama or sexual studies
you should choose the college you like the best maybe on what it stands for or where it's located (if it's near your residence, maybe) or some people choose based on what the building looks like (lol e.g. me... i like the UC building ahaha)

each college has a website, i strongly suggest looking at them and making you choice with that
also, trin and vic are more competitive to get in because they're a lot smaller than st. mike's for example and also based on your average.. and you need to do a supplemental app to get in :s

good luck!
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A photo of mariazuppardi12 mariazuppardi12
okay thanks a lot!!!! ya, ill definitely check the websites. I was going to eventually, but I just wanted to see what people had to say about it first, so thanks!!! :colors:
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A photo of kraken kraken
use the search function on this forum. you'll find heaps of info. also on the old forum http://forums.studentawards.com/

also, take tours of colleges if you live nearby.
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A photo of 6x7 6x7
Same here, I am thinking of studying English Literature and something else to go with it at either U of T or McGill. For U of T I am undecided between University, Victoria, or Trinity. I know they offer equal amount of opportunity for education, so it's all me wondering which college has better clubs, programs, accomdation etc.? Any help?
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A photo of kraken kraken

but check out their websites/brochures/facebook groups, go on campus visits, etc.
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A photo of Brianrankin Brianrankin
I want to clear up a few things for you, because no one did for me last year, and it would've made a world of difference!
1. No college is better, get that right out of your head right away. There are brilliant, gifted, and wonderful people at every college.
2. You CAN take all classes no matter which college you're at.
3. Chose based on how you feel walking through the campus, do you feel like you belong there, etc. Because no matter how smart you feel being there, you won't do well if you're uncomfortable.
4. Make sure you look at each college's residence and meal plan options to see if they fit with what you want, and your lifestyle, etc.
5. I go to SMC (st. Michael's) but that DOES NOT mean i'm religious in any way. So don't look at religious affiliation (vic, trin, smc) as important at all.

Above all, don't worry about it! No matter what college you choose(or get into) you're still at one of the top universities in the world, among students who are some of the best in the world! Feel proud, and get ready to work your ass off haha (seriously though, U of T is a meat grinder first year, but it's manageable and the profs are some of the best in the world)
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