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Civil Eng or Arch?

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McGill University in Civil Engineering or Architecture?

Debate it out. I have my own opinions. I would like to hear yours :)

By the way, I am a cegep student in my last semester of the Pure & Applied program.
My CRC score is 33.755

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If your artsy, architecture. If your practical or more interested in technical stuff, civil engineering.

As an architect you'll design the building. But as a civil engineer if you go into structural engineeering you'll look at these designs and make them work basically so that the building doesnt topple over. Civil engineering deals with more then just buildings though you can also infastructure and other fields. Also if your unsure of what you want to do then civil is probably a better choice since you can branch off into other areas.
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Architects generalize.

Civil engineers specialize.

In architecture at McGill you will learn about a wider range of topics, some architectural and some not.

In civil engineering you will learn strictly about engineering.

In architecture you will learn about the Gruen Transfer and the psychology of shopping - to understand mall design. You will learn about the relationship between architecture and social media - sociology is an important aspect of architecture. So is world history, fashion, politics, advertising and media.

In civil engineering you will learn about the properties of concrete, asphalt concrete, aggregates, soils, surveying, structures and road construction.

Architects are jack of all trades, master of....

Civil engineers are master at one thing.

Architecture is a profession in trouble, struggling to hold onto it's relevance. Especially now in this new world of austerity, architecture is seen by some as a non-essential frill.

Civil Engineering is seen as the answer of all the worlds problems (climate change, sustainable development,)...Note, architects - at least the smart ones - are innovating in these spaces as well.

The choice is yours.

Follow the money or follow your passion.
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