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Civil Engineering for University of Waterloo/Toronto

A photo of Jopet Jopet
Hi all,

I'm very curious to know what my chances are to getting admitted to UW or UoT.

My grade 11 marks (Ontario) are as follows: Functions and Relations: 92%, Physics: 86%, English: 86%, Chemistry: 83%, and Technological Design: 92%.

I haven't received my grade 12 semester one final report card yet (exams just finished), but here are my estimations for my subjects' marks: Advanced Functions: 95%, Physics: 85%, Chemistry: 90%, and English: 87%. Calculus and Vectors will be a part of second semester and I'm confident my mark will be in the 90s.

I am very anxious to getting admitted into UW and it would be a dream come true if I ever made it there, although Toronto would also be nice too.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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A photo of bambam bambam
Same exact situation, except I'm applying to chemical engineering at these two schools.

Also my marks are:
Advanced Functions 85%, Physics 88%, Chemistry 93%. 88.7% Average
Taking English, Bio, Environment, and Calculus this semester

What do you guys think about my chances, assuming i maintain an 88% at midterm?
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A photo of Jopet Jopet
I guess it all boils down to extracurricular activities then.
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A photo of pattersonmd pattersonmd
High the entry averages are not ridiculous. Its a business they want your money so if your overall average is 85% your chances are pretty good. I am pretty sure there is no set average for entering a university. I thought they examine most application look at overall averages of that and generate that years entry level.
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A photo of RobDipp RobDipp
I am currently enrolled in civil engineering at uoft as a first year student. Your marks look pretty good and i don't think you should worry. I was admitted with an 87 average in May. They said that my year had the highest admission average in the last 40 years ( median admittance average was like 89 or something lol) Universities are getting more competitive especially engineering so be prepared sometimes an 85 average isn't enough. I was rejected from Waterloo last year with my 87 so anything is possible.
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A photo of civilboy civilboy
you should be all good jopet and bambam it will come down to extra curriculars i got 89 average final into both of these universities i got allright extracurriculars and achievements pretty good spf for u of t and working on u of t.
Long live civil engineers!!
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A photo of BotianZhong BotianZhong
Calc - 99 (Finished)
Ad. Functions - 99 (Finished)
Physics - 93 (Finished)
English - 78
Chem. - 98
Science - 98

Can anyone tell me whatmy chances for UfT/Waterloo acceptance before mid-April are?
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A photo of Jopet Jopet
Thanks for all the comments!

@ BotianZhong, I think your chances of getting offers of admission from the universities are very high.

For everyone else, I have some issues regarding transcripts. For an Ontario student, transcripts are sent to ouac automatically. I already received an email regarding ouac processing my grades and I'm wondering why on my Waterloo Quest account transcripts are still desired, yet my marks are shown?? I thought we didn't need to worry about transcripts. Can someone clarify this? Thanks!
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