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Civil vs ECE at UofT!!!

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What do u guys think about CIVIL compared to Electrical Engineering at UofT regarding academic difficulty and future job prospects???
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The job prospects for civil is dependant on the construction industry which goes in cycles. Electrical engineers can deviate into other industries a bit more. But its impossible to really know. Your not making a bad choice either way. Engineering is hard in general so your going to work your ass off no matter which you chose. Most people say civil is easier but IMO its like comparing apples to oranges if you hate the content of one and like the other the one you like will be easier.
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if you can survive ECE......go for it
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Those are completely different fields. You should figure out what you like rather than what you think will land you a job. The market for jobs in both fields is fairly decent right now, although ECE probably has a better time with that (simply because there are more computer/communications/electronic companies in the area)
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A photo of Tobias Tobias
I always believed ECE is just always slightly more beneficial in the workforce because the skills you learn are easily transferable to a few other career fields. From what I hear around campus ECE is much more difficult not that civil is any easier. Anything in engineering is going to be a massive workload.
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A photo of bijanv bijanv
From what I've noticed and having had a roomate who was in civ (while I am in ECE), ECE does tend to be quite more demanding than civil - a lot more complex math and abstract ideas however (and especially if you go into the computer side of things), there are generally more jobs available for ECE's.

Than again 8 years ago, it was the opposite so I would say civ's have more stable prospects but as of now, ECE is in demand, who knows about the future, people are predicting we're in another tech bubble now!
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