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Civil vs. Mechanical vs. Electrical engineering

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So I've recently got interested in the field of engineering :cheers: But I'm not sure which type of engineering is right for me. Could you guys describe what each field basically does? Really appreciate it, thanks :)
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I can't speak for electrical engineering but I spent some time in a Mechanical Engineering research facility last summer and from what I could tell they work on improving the efficiency of machines whether that be combustion engines, wind turbines or assessing the fluid dymanics of a device to name a few. They also look at creating new technologies, lots of them today use lasers and vaccums in complex systems on microscopic levels.

Civil engineering concerns the usual bridges and road ways but can also include desigining the best water run off systems, excess snow storage and desiging technologies to decrease urban areas' effects on the environment.
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google it.
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lol ^^. Just like my dad says "Google is your friend."
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All of them have physics principles
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A photo of ClarksonMark ClarksonMark
Well in case you are wondering, the mechanical engineering field does deal with alot of what he said above. However, if you get into more specific fields, you could get the chance to be dealing with Robotics and other electronics. An example of some of this would be the Canada Arm which is the arm that is helping the astronaunts in space right now.
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A photo of Keeshw Keeshw
Simply put, electrical engineers create systems that are powered by electricity. They build consumer products such as HDTVs and cellphones, the power distribution network thats brings electricity to homes, ultrasound machines, artificial limbs, etc.
Most electrical engineers end up working for big companies designing consumer products, cell phones companies or transport companies like Bombardier.
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A photo of jonlensink jonlensink
Civil engineering is one of the broadest disciplines in civil engineering. At McMaster where I am studying, it is split into Structural and Environmental. Structural can include designing buildings and bridges for earthquakes, analyzing ground load capacity and foundations, planning urban and transportation systems, etc. Environmental can include water distribution, purification, treatment, and collection, as well as contamination control and site remediation. There are lots of possibilities in Civil. :)
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A photo of MSC MSC
Civil is the easy path, its the most artsy of em all but you have options to go to architect which is the goal for many people. mechanical engineering isn't that good atm in canada, chemical and nanno (nano is the future) are popular in canada and am not sure abot electrical.
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