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Classic 1st year story Need advice for second year

A photo of cyfa cyfa

Well i just finished my 1st year of BMOS at western.

and uh
ya i sorta didnt really do the studying part so i kinda screwed up really badly.

My average turned out to be 50.4% ( on probation)

Business : 44
Sociology: 42
Econ(macro) 47
Micro: 57
Mos: 57
Mos2: 50
Math1: 65
Math 2: 56

So yeah i got kicked out of bmos obv since i only have 2.5/5 credits from first year.

So yeah i really have no idea what to do.

Will my first year marks sorta screw me over?

Should i start over and a different university.

Thanks @
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A photo of ktel ktel
Well what are your plans and future goals? If you get your act together and improve significantly after 1st year, then no I don't think your first year marks would screw you over. And unfortunately you can't 'start over' now, as in order to transfer to another university you would have to provide them with your first year transcript, which obviously isn't so good. Your best bet is to stick to Western and improve your marks.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Who cares... as long as you had fun, partied, and got laid, that's all that matters.

You did get laid... didn't you?

If you did then it's okay, you spent your parents' $15,000+ very well, very well indeed.

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A photo of Millow Millow
You should probably just drop out
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A photo of uOttawaStudent uOttawaStudent
Hey man, I was in the same boat as you...after first year my CGPA was 3.8/10 and I was on academic probation. I busted my ass off the next year and got out of it and my 2nd year GPA was over 6 and now my CGPA is 5.3 so i'm slowly going up. There's really no easy way out of this (unless you drop out) other than working hard.
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