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Co-ed communal washrooms?

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What's the deal with co-ed communal washrooms? I'm working on housing applications but I'm not sure if being in a residence with these would just be awkward and should be avoided. I'll just put this out there...how would you deal with a bad lunch (think burritos) knowing that there are people potentially waiting to use the washroom and in the same room using the sink? It seems very awkward! Hopefully some current university students will tell me otherwise.
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You shouldn't be using residence. Get your own apartment and you can have all the burritos you want!
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I'm actually working in a residence next year that will have co-ed communal washrooms. Firstly, the fact that they're co-ed won't matter much because generally you can't see into a person's "private place". Next, I'd like to suggest a very popular children's book for you to read: click here for link. That will detail why it won't be awkward to leave a stink, and you can even bring stuff like deodorizing sprays into the washroom with you if you want to be courteous (in fact I'd encourage this).

That said there are distinct advantages to private or semi-private washrooms (such as the ability to know just how clean they are for certain).
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A photo of purpledog purpledog
Hahahah, k I'm not that much of a loser/I'm not that worried about it. But thanks guys for your input! It's just that when I mentioned the fact that many residences have these types of washrooms, my parents freaked out and said it was unacceptable, which I thought was a little bit much. I'm glad to hear that it isn't that big of a deal. And yes, I do enjoy burritos.
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