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College Bound Anyone?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hello everybody!

I sa a lot of other fourms about University and I figured I would open one for anyone thinking about college.

I really want to get into Algonquin College for Police Foundations. No I do not want to be a police officer. I need this program to enter a degree program called Youth Corrections and Interventions. :)

Anybody else really ecited to apply for schools?
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A photo of gassergasser gassergasser
I'm not applying to college, but my twin brother is.
He's also applying to police foundations programs, Sheridan is his top choice because its in our city (Brampton).
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A photo of Frasenik Frasenik
I'm looking to go to Algonquin for Graphic Design, I was also looking at Sheridan and Conestoga.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Im looking at Sheridan as well! Do any of you know when the portals will open up and we can apply for the colleges? I was told October but theres 31 days in October so who knows when in October they will open up.
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A photo of aca10 aca10
I was told that they would be open at the end of October, but I would check weekly just in case they open early, never know. And ps .. Sheridan is an awesome College, I loved it there :)
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