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A photo of maroon7 maroon7
I want to be a detective, I went to Ryerson for a year for arts but skipped out on the exams so I have no credits (long story). I am now thinking to go back to school but not at Ryerson. I know to be a detective you must be a police officer first. Is it better to go to a college (Humber) for a two year police foundation degree or a university for four years for criminal justice. I am leaning towards the 2 year. Any ideas? Also to be a police officer to they look at your high school marks? Overall or just grade 12? When applying to colleges do they look at your last university marks (bad) or you're high school marks? Is it easy to get in? I had a 80 average in grade 12. Thanks.
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A photo of maroon7 maroon7
I'm 20, and currently traveling and living abroad and won't begin school or program until I am 22. Fall of 2013 or later. What is the best college/university to go to for becoming a cop or detective?
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A photo of Gorges26 Gorges26
You can become a police officer with just a high school diploma, but a university degree is preferred. Studying criminology (or something similar) will help. I've heard that this is better than taking police foundations in college.

Go to careercruising.com or get the proper info from your local police department.
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A photo of Smothy88 Smothy88
To be honest if you want to become a cop or detective, DON'T take police foundations!

Almost everyone who applies will have that same qualification. You need something that makes you stand out. If your smart and still want to become a cop take something like business or a science in university. That will really set you apart from the rest and you should have no problem finding a job and being promoted to detective.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
+1 On avoiding Police Foundations. Most people in PF are 18 year-old hot-head males, straight out of high school, thinking they'll pass this course and be a cop. Not true. Officers are generally much older and have more practical experience than simply taking a course taught by some former police officers. Get a university degree and some real life experience, then apply when you're ~25.
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