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I am currently in my first semester of grade 11 and doing average. My previous two years in high school have been AWFUL. My average is around 70% ATM (improved from 50%)

I am very much interested in a career in business but i am afraid that my performance over the previous two years of high school are going to effect what schools i can get into.

1. Is there still a possiblilty that i can get into a ivy school? or even a decent university

2. Should i just take the college path and get trasfered?

3. What would you do if you were in my shoes

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A photo of g93 g93
Do you mean Ivey as in Western + Ivey AEO (Richard Ivey School of Business)?

or Ivy as in an Ivy league school in the states such as Harvard?

Because with a 70 average, you don't really have a chance at either. If somehow you can get your average up to high-80s or low 90s, then you might (might) get into Ivey (Western).

There are still some other good programs with lower averages than Ivey, but most you need at least an 80.

A good college is Conestoga College in Kitchener. They have a few degree programs as well.

Hope that helps.
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
Yes it is completely possible. If you continue to work hard and can get it up to the 75-80 range, you can look at some decent universities. In that range you could go to Guelph, Ryerson (maybe?), or potentially Waterloo Arts and Business (co-op program!).

If you end up at about 70, I recommend either coming back for an extra semester and retaking some courses to boost it up. Waterloo AFM, Queens, Schulich etc, probably are not the places for you, just due to your track record. Thats not to say that you can't get somewhere. Youre other option is to head the college route. You could look at Guelph Humber which in the end get you a uni degree, Conestoga, George Brown, etc all depending on where you live.

Hope is not lost. Universities just do not care about youre grade 9,10, and 11 marks. Its all based upon grade 12. Its a horrible system, but its better then SAT's.

I wish you the best of luck! Great job on turning your average around, you have really shown that with hard work you can get places.
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A photo of TL TL
Your average as a 70% is pretty good. I know it may not be the mark that you want it to be but I'm sure it will go up. From a 50% to 70%, that is a huge differences. If you are able to pull your average up that much, I KNOW that it can go up again. Don't give up. Focus on what you want to do and work hard to get there. I understand how you maybe second guessing everything but you still have another year to decide what you want to do. It's good that you have an idea to get you started. You still have grade 12 to complete and there is your chance to do better. If you believe that college will help you then apply to colleges but if you need to go to uni then you're going to have to work harder. If you really want something, like really really want it, you have to work for you and do well. Don't complain when you get a low mark or average, just because you didnt try and slacked off. You can't blame anyone but yourself. If you want something, work for you. You have to earn it. Do you really want this? I know you do, so focus and you can do it. Don't ever give up. I gave up and I regret it so much. I know that it maybe stressful and very hard but you have to try. There is no harm in trying. And if you are ever struggling with anything, don't be scared to ask for help. Good luck!
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