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Comments on Writing 1000/2101/2218 UWO?

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I'm not sure whether to take Writing 1000, 2101 or 2218 for this upcoming year, so I was wondering if someone could give me their opinions/experiences in these courses; and whether they're easy enough to get at least an 80%.

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I highly recommend 2101 because it will help you out a lot with writing in other courses. Better writer = higher marks on essays = higher marks in other classes. The marking was fairly objective for a course that relies heavily on writing assignments. That's because you'll have several grammar/punctuation quizzes throughout the course, and essays are marked based on how well they are written, not on the strength of the argument you're making. This means that the marking is fair; what makes the marking tough is that the profs tend to have VERY high expectations and will always find ways to nitpick at even a well-written essay. The nitpicking is meant to be helpful (and it is), though it probably does result in a well-written essay not receiving the mark you'd expect. e.g. the difference in quality of an essay that received a mark of 75% vs one that received a mark of 85% might be substantial - the prof probably just went about finding ways to nitpick at what otherwise might have been a 92%-worthy essay and, as a result, marked it an 85%. In fact, my prof explicitly said at the beginning of the course that a 90% was basically unachievable as an essay mark.

Let me give an example of the nitpickery you can expect. You write, "the man had beans as his dinner last night". Some people may see no problem whatsoever with that phrase; some people might notice a bit of a problem but not be able to offer a solution. Your writing prof will see a way to make that phrase/sentence a little more clear and concise by changing it to, "the man had beans for dinner last night." An essay of lesser quality will probably not be subject to such nitpickery and, thus, will probably receive a higher mark than you'd expect. Basically, what it comes down to is that it's pretty easy to receive at least a 70% in the course but near impossible to get much better than an 85%. However, giving up a few percent in this course will return in spades: you'll end up getting a couple percent higher marks in future writing-heavy courses that you'll inevitably take.
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Thanks for the info! :)

Now all I'm wondering is whether it's worth actually buying the textbook for the course, or not; 'cause I heard from somewhere that they didn't even use it that much.
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