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commerce at ryerson majoring managment

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hi i just have a couple of question, because im planning to change my major to finance,

If i take a commerce program at ryerson majoring in managment, will i still get to learn some stuff on management, accounting and finance.?

is finance hard at ryerson?

with a management degree what jobs will i mostly get after grad?
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I do not go to this school but I am in a finance major at another school, a finance major at any school is going to be alot of work and knowledge you are going to have to know as well as a lot of reading but the finance degree/major is totally worth it. Its a lot of work but it is alot of fun at the same time.

With a degree in management you can get a variety of jobs including running your own business, running a worldwide conglomerate, any type of management job there is. You could become a progject manager for instance.

Hope this information helps you in making your decision.
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