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Community Colleges and Universities Over Institute Everest

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An accredited school is a community college and university and are highly recognized eductional system with PHD/Masters professors. They teach a solid educational foundation and teach the real working backgrounds and critical thinking skills for the jobs. All businesses would choose a job applicant with these credentials and degrees over Everest. Everest school is a very low-end institute, not supposed to be considered a college, It is a technical school with only the basic knowledge for small low jobs that don't pay enough than graduates from a community college or university. The fees from Everest are expensive and the teachers are basic. Students at a community college get better education and learning with credential professors who are able to answer logical questions. The teachers specifically chosen to work for Everest are the extremely easy graders but don't provide the neccessary background skills as professors in real colleges. Everest focus on hands on but what's more important are real community colleges and universities focus on the logical and mathematical learning abilities what businesses look for on problem solving methods. With Everest's hands on, is like a person with a no-brainer or a robot who don't know the logic on how to investigate math and arise at the problem. It's just like saying, here's the work, don't think, just do it, the employee with no brain.

Don't take for granted what community colleges could offer than Everest. The units per fee are almost the same, so why not settle for a real accredited college that's been highly valued for decades. Wtih a diploma from a community college, equals twice or three times the diploma from Everest institute. Once businesses see a resume from someone with a communicty college or university degree, an Everest institute applicant's resume is thrown away immediately. Institute schools are setup to have really easy teachers to pass students for paying the expensive costs from attending the school but they are forgetting the real background what real learning is from what a community and universities do. Everest institute is a fake and a phoney school and don't guarantee jobs. It is their marketing scam to get whatever students are to believe but once they're out, they're doomed and regret it. Don't get a zombie degree from Everest, instead get a real degree from a communicty college or university that will last you a lifetime that you could be real proud of. When you are done earning your degree the right way, you could look back and say, "Man, I'm glad I didn't go to Everest! Look at what I got now, a real certified degree!" This is something you can really show off to everyone, a real college! This degree would intimidate Everest anytime anyday and every day! For a community college and university compared to Everest Institute, Everest is a joke. You're getting and settling for the less and paying too much! Don't cut yourself short for learning the unproper way. You'll be missing on a lot and skipping your education. Community college and universities are the right path so don't get mislead to Insititue Everest, a hands-down school that try to build a deceived reputation and majority there don't look too bright.

Jobs are jobs but as long as you hold a degree, you should be able to get any job and if no jobs are available, it is the society that needs to be fixed. Nothing's wrong with you, it is the businesses that are way too demanding and cheap these days with jobs that have one person holding on three person's job. You hold on to your degree and be proud. It is the economy and managers that need to be fixed. Who knows what they have concocted in their schemey brains?

Get smart with a well-earned college degree from a community college or university and not an Institute such as Everest. When people know a student graudated from an accredited college, they'd say, "Now that's a bright student!" Many jobs seek qualified applicants in with degrees in these real good reputation schools that have existed for decades. The institute Everest has no comparison nor competition toward these graduates from community colleges and universities. These Graduates gain more compensation in the workforce and are seen highly of.
I don't recommend Everest to anyone. Although this institute school was created to give lazy people shortcut to a very easy setup degree, the old school learning method from community colleges and universities always win over Everest institute on competitive jobs. Interviewers always look for higher education candidates and Everest Institute is not one of them unless you're located in the low-end area with no competition and aren't going anywhere. That isn't something to be proud of. The confidence students need are the hard work that students really earned in community colleges and universities that have achieved real education recognition. As much as Institute Everest so-called "college" try to market all their talks about how good they are faking and lying to the community and students, people just don't buy it! When people hear Everest school, people will say, "What's that?!"
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