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Community vs Private

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Hey guys, I'm in a bind here and would like to hear some of your opinions to help me narrow down my choices and make up my mind.

I would like to take up a web design program and I am looking at 3 different institutions of my own choosing: Sheridan, Humber, triOS.

The problem with Sheridan was they want me to take an illustration program (I think its 2-3yrs) as a prerequisite in order just to get into their 1-year program. Time and (more) money is what turns me the other way to look for other alternatives here.

For Humber, I've submitted my application(s) they sent me and awaiting for their notification. They are offering two different programs: 11491 and 10501. I'm wondering if anyone can pinpoint to me the specific differences between the two. Which program has a more refined curriculum? Which program would offer a higher chance that a job requirement is looking for?

As for triOS, I did some googling about for-profit organizations like them. From what I found, there seem to be a majority who weren't happy (who've been there before) or are advising would-be applicants to stay away from schools like this. The reason I included it in my list is because, location-wise it's convenient for me and their 1-year web design/development seems robust. Problem is of course, their asking price: $21,000, typical of a privatized institution. That and I heard not many companies will hire graduates from this school because of unrecognized accreditation. As much as I'd like to, I don't want this as my last resort.

My main topic is: I'd just like to know several aspects between the two (public vs. private) such as experience (how students are taught, how instructors' methods of teaching..etc), learning pace (which environment is more suitable for people who might need a week compared to some who'd get it in just a day), course modules, things like that. I've never been in a private college before and if anyone has had experience(s) in one (regardless of how good or bad it was), I'd like to hear what you have to say.

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