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Comparing Secondary Schools?

A photo of StressOfLife StressOfLife
I was wondering how secondary schools are compared. Some are easier to get high marks in and some are harder. So is a 99% in Calculus in some small town school compared equally to a 80% in Calculus in a secondary school in Toronto? Or do the universities make decisions of admissions based slightly on where the student graduated from?

-Thank You for your responses
Also i apologize if this topic occurred before and it slipped through my search :bounce:
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A photo of g93 g93
One way you can get a general idea is to take a look at the Fraser Institute Secondary School study for all provinces in Canada (just Google it).
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Small town doesn't mean easy. That's a fallacy, and it's important to recognize that. While I admit there are slight variations from teacher to teacher (and you're just as likely to have an easy teacher in the country as you are in Toronto), the standards for evaluation and reporting should now be consistent across the province (see http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/policyfunding/success.html to make sure you're being evaluated fairly). Because of this, there should be no confusion as to what marks mean or how they're awarded to students.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Universities can't be expected to know what the marking style of every school/teacher in the country is like.
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A photo of adilafzal adilafzal
How are grades transferred or standardized between two institutions. especially if your going from a letter grade to a number scale.
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