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A photo of powerproxy powerproxy
Hi, I am an Ontario grade 12 high school student and I am in need of clarification with the following: competition within your university.

When people talk about competition in UofT for instance, what are they trying to say? Doesn't competition apply to more of a wider scope, seeing that you are competing against students from other universities and insitutions to get an admittance at medical school?


Also, does this mean there is "less" competition if you are in a smaller campus like UTSC in comparison to St.George?
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A photo of Nikoo589 Nikoo589
Well, I assume they are referring to the fact that no matter what, it sounds prestigious to say you are one of the top students in your university.

Being at or near the top means you will get more awards, scholarships, etc.

And when you apply for something at a different school, like medical school as you said, this can work in your favour.
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A photo of metrickan metrickan
like what niko said, its not just top in your university its top in all universities so not only are you competing with students from other schools, your competeting with ones in your classes.
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