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Complete Bachelors in Life Science in 3 years?

A photo of misslilyanna misslilyanna
Hi! I was just wondering if it's possible to complete a bachelors in life science in three years? Specifically, it would be for U of T.

The reason I'm inquiring is that I'm looking to go into Optometry. Since there are only two optometry schools in canada (waterloo and montreal) and I am horrible with french, I'm looking to get into the waterloo optometry school. I checked the prereqs and it said that I would need certain required credits which will take three years to complete (according to them). Now, it seems like a waste of my bachelors if I leave it at three years which is why I would like to complete it before going into optometry. I also don't want to do a fourth year, especially if I've already gotten accepted into optometry, just because I want to finish that bachelors off.

What are you opinions? Do you think it's possible to finish a Bachelors in Life Sci in 3 years at U of T? Either that or finish three years worth of prereq credits in two years... which I assume is harder.
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
I don't think you can, they don't offer the courses you need evry spring/summer I think.
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A photo of ArchEnemy ArchEnemy
Yes it is definitely possible to complete your degree in 3 years, but it highly depends on the program of study you choose to pursue.

As sllencer has mentioned, certain courses are not offered every semester and hence this requires very careful planning (with your college registrar). You will also have to take summer courses too.

Maybe you can list your program choices so fellow forum users can help evaluate if it is possible?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Is the program name Bsc life sci or BSc life sci (Honours)? If there's no honours, then it's already a 3 year program (eg. at Mac, there's both BSc life sci with and without honours and the only difference is that it's 3 vs 4 years). Basically the only difference is that to graduate with honours, you have to do a 4th year thesis/senior project, so if you don't then you just get the Bachelor's. I did the same thing (graduated undergrad in 3 years to go to professional school), except with the BHSc program, and I have a Bachelor's degree now.
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A photo of drkwhy drkwhy
Theoretically, you can. You need 20.0 credits to graduate at UofT. Say you take 6.0 all 3 years and take 2.0 in the summer. Or 6.0, 5.0, 5.0 during the 3 years and then 2.0 for both summers.

It is indeed possible but it's a lot of work and cross your fingers and hope all the courses are offered when you want to do them so you knock off all required courses!
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A photo of kraken kraken
you could probably do it but it would be brutal. i'd say just do 4 years, unless you have a lot of transfer credits from IB or something.
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