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CompSci/Bioinformatics @ U of A?

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I'm in Grade 12, going into General Science at the University of Alberta; torn right now as to whether to pursue a bio/chem or compsci route.

I'm an IB Diploma student, taking the following:

Bio SL
Math HL
Chem HL
Philosophy SL
English HL
French SL

I have at least low 90s in all my math/sci subjects, including calculus. I did robotics in junior high, really enjoy the math I've taken in high school, and regularly do math contests. However, I also have an interest in biochem, and a lot of my course selection reflects that. I've also been thinking about pharmacy and healthcare as potential career options.

I've been looking into bioinformatics as well at the U of A, and it seems that you can do either a compsci degree or a biological sciences degree, both with a specialization in bioinformatics. Does anyone know the significant differences between these two routes? Is it easier to pick up a compsci/math foundation and then learn the biology or vice versa?
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