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I am Trying to enroll in the computer science program in York University for the Winter session. They advised me to improve my math marks and reapply for the winter term. I am currently taking Continuing Education Classes in Ryerson.

I just wanted to know which Math class is the easiest out of the following.


CKMT 100 — Mathematics Quick Start
CKMT 101 — Transcendental Functions
CKMT 102 — Advanced Calculus and Vectors
CKMT 103 — Advanced Data Management
CMTH 108 — Linear Algebra
CMTH 110 — Discrete Mathematics I
CMTH 125 — Mathematics for Professional Programs
CMTH 189 — Introduction to Mathematics for Economics
CMTH 207 — Calculus and Computational Methods I
CMTH 304 — Probability and Statistics I
CMTH 310 — Calculus and Computational Methods II
CMTH 404 — Probability and Statistics II
CMTH 501 — Numerical Analysis I

For the link Please click here

Thanks for your help.

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A photo of ktel ktel
Based solely on the course codes and names I'm going to guess CKMT 100. Anything above 100 is not a first year course. CMTH 501 looks like it could even be a graduate level course.
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A photo of Phase Phase
Take either:
CMTH 207
CKMT 102
CMTH 110
or CMTH 108

You do realize CS is practically a math degree? If you don't like math, perhaps CS is not for you.
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