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Computer Science at Waterloo

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But I have been considering doing computer science, particularly at University of Waterloo (or Toronto).

As it stands I have the following credits to put towards my top six:
LVV4U 97%
CHI4U 96%
ENG4U 91%

I will be picking up Advanced Functions and Calculus next year. I currently have a 98% in MCR3U. I am anticipating that I will do well in the courses that follow. Not sure how well but hopefully at least 90%. I also feel confident that I can pick up another 95% or up in another 4U level credit next year.

I really messed up a major evaluation in English. Subsequently, my mark is not that great. Q_Q

Anyway, do my chances seem favorable for acceptable at Waterloo? I am in Ottawa and not too fond of the schools here.
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