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Computer Science: BSc vs BA?

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Hey guys, I have a question about types of degrees. I have searched this up on the forum and haven't found a response so here's my thread:

As you can see from my signature I am applying to UofT CompSci and my first choice and my third is York CompSci. Look at the chart below for an easier way to see what I'm saying.

UofT SG Computer Science : Bachelor of Sciences
-Looks at English & Calculus for BSc

York University Computer Science: Bachelor of Science OR Bachelor of Arts
-Looks at English & Calculus for BA
-Looks at English, Calculus, Chemistry & Physics for BSc

I apologize if I offend any engineers out there, but I absolutely with a passion you cannot imagine, hate physics. Which is why I took it in Grade 11 but not this year in Grade 12 because it will bring down my average.

What I don't understand is the difference between the two degrees. If I go to UofT I will be getting a Bsc, but if I go to York with the same criteria, I get a BA. I'm not asking why this is (although I cannot seem to figure it out myself), I am asking what the prestige or difference to employers is between the BA and the BSc?

Is the BSc valued more? Is it harder to get? Does it even matter which one? (I plan to go to Grad School by the way, in case that weighs for anything in your response)

I have looked this up on Google and I get a lot of mixed opinions as I am sure to get here as well, but what are yours here on Student Awards?

Thanks guys :)
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A photo of forthewinwin forthewinwin
The BA requires you to take BA requirements, such as research and literature requirements.

The B.SC requires you to take B.SC requirements, such as first-year Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Geology/Earth and Ocean Science.

On paper, the B.Sc looks better to employers.

I'm at UBC studying a similar program in my 2nd year and I've been torn between the 2 choices for a while. I'm taking Physics right now and I absolutely hate it. I like math, but just not physics. But, I'm opting for the B.Sc because it's supposed to look better for employers, and when applying to grad school, many programs consider the "rigour" of your undergraduate degree, and a B.Sc is generally considered a more rigerous one than a BA (since many science courses require you to do weekly lab work with their individual homework and they are quite time-consuming, not to mention they're harder to many people).

To summarize, if you're majoring in Computer Science, the only differences are the few "degree requirement" courses you must take, and the prestige to employers and grad school admissions for some programs (B.SC looks better).
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