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Computer Science in the US?

A photo of iRamie iRamie
If i wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, Berkley, etc.. The American schools, for computer science. As a grade 11 student what do i need to do?

I know they look at your grade 9 and 10 marks too :D, and i need to write the SAT and ACT.
Does anyone have any experience with this? How does the admission process work?
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A photo of Zion Zion
You need to write the SAT or the ACT. Most schools require SAT subject tests as well. AP or IB courses look good. You'll need to maintain a very high GPA throughout high school. American schools are also big on ECs; try to commit yourself to a few teams/clubs and advance to leadership positions within them. Volunteering and work experience count too. You'll need recommendations, essays, and things like legacy or minority status don't hurt.

It's so much more involved than Canada. I was going to apply to elite American schools but realized my family couldn't afford the international tuition. Good luck, it's quite an accomplishment to get accepted to any of those schools you mentioned.
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A photo of ZzZ ZzZ
This might help:
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A photo of LRooke LRooke
I heard that only the UC-system schools are strong for CS.
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