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Computer Science v.s. Information Technology

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Okay, briefly I'm currently a grade 12 student and at first I wanted to go into Information Technology at York Uni because it seemed like a program that I would picture myself going into for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I have a friend that goes to the same program in the same Uni, and he agreed to help me as well.
HOWEVER, I checked e-info, and UTSC also has computer science and it has co-op as well. I really wanna try a program with co-op and i heard UTSC has good reputation as well. BUT, an older adult that I know, told me that you don't get as much job opportunities in computer science as information technology. He said that the computer science job field is decreasing or something. So is this true?
I also would like to know the exact differences between computer science and information technology. And does York Uni offer co-op programs for Information Technology?

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