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Concerned about grade 11 marks...? :/

A photo of BenjaminLaw BenjaminLaw
Hi there everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I noticed that there are some helpful people here.

So, here is my question, how important are grade 11 marks to get into programs like life sciences, or arts and science? I'm stressing out a lot, because I was a fool in grade 11, and did not preform like my usual self. Lets just say, my marks for grade 11 are around 78. But this July i took summer school English with a result of 87. Would administration think i am a slacker and not consider me as a worthy candidate? And I always had this misconception, do grade 11 marks make or break you in acceptance?

P.S. Im planning to aim as high as my English marks for all my other courses. and I am confident I can achieve them.

-Benjamin Law
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A photo of ktel ktel
Grade 11 marks definitely DO NOT make or break you. They are, however, very important for early acceptance. They do not matter at all for 'regular' acceptance, they will only consider grade 12 marks.
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A photo of aptnotatt aptnotatt
Yeah, don't worry too much about your grade 11 marks. They are just for early acceptance consideration and they will look at the outstanding students with high grade 11 marks. However, the regular wave of acceptance is quite dependent on your grade 12 first semester and second semester first term marks. Don't slack off the second term because that is when the uni finalize their offer of admission to you.
A lot of my friends slacked off and their marks went down in second term. As a result, many who were accepted to Waterloo at the first wave of acceptance got denied at the end. So watch out sir.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
Universities will not judge you based on your grade 11 marks. But if your marks weren't good in grade 11, it's a sign you should warn yourself with when entering your last year. Grade 11 marks are only used for early acceptance, and unless you are accepted early, they won't be used. As for the grade 12 marks, your final marks in semester 1 and term 1 marks in semester 2 are critical, since universities will use them first to make their decisions. Don't worry if you mess up the midterm in first semester; these marks won't be sent. But you do need good final marks for first semester. In semester 2, you absolutely need to do your best. Like the last poster said, don't think it's over when the universities get your midterm marks in semester 2. You still have to keep your final marks above the cut-offs for the universities not to withdraw your offer. It's okay if you drop a percent or two in the overall by the end (it happens), but ridiculous drops do raise red flags.
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