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concerned (possible) future life-sci student

A photo of torres001 torres001
Hi everyone. Getting straight to the point, I applied for uoft, waterloo, queens, and mcmasters life-sci. I have already received a conditional offer from waterloo co-op life sci based on my grade 11 grades.
However, my first semester average was REALLY low, and I did not receive any more offers. I took english in a private school, due to the nature of my school to not give high marks, and the mark was added onto ouac after first sem marks were reviewed by unis.
Currently, I am taking academic calc, physics, philosophy, and biology.
My school has a gifted program, and it is just this semester that the math department decided for academic and gifted to have the same unit tests. Even though the teachers insist that the tests are at academic level, my classmates and I disagree...

My marks so far are:

functions: 78
data management: 82
chemistry: 77
english: 94

sem2 (approximate midterm):
calc: 70
biology: 81
philosophy: 90
physics: 85

From these marks.. I can approximate that my top 6 will be around 83%

I am aware that my school is considered one of the 'better' high schools and, according to school and guidance as well as my teachers, universities DO look at which high school you come from.

So, will I be able to get into life-sci in uoft, queens, and/or mcmasters?

please respond, I am very concerned :pale:
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm pretty sure universities don't look at which high school you come from
or I would not have gotten into any eastern schools.. I don't come from a super "good" high school.
I don't think they have time to be looking up every single high school across Canada and across the world for that matter.

That 83% should get you into U of T.. probably in May. They'll pretty much take anyone with 80+...
But I have heard of some horror stories bout U of T though, so do be warned if you want to go there.
Not too sure about the other two.. I don't think the chances are too high for Mac though.. probably around the same for Queens.
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A photo of Cahreesti Cahreesti
Universities do not care what high school you came out. They do not level them out, as there is no fair way to do such so I wouldn't depend on your highschool's name to do anything..
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