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Concordia vs. U of Alberta for Software Engineering?

A photo of k4r1m k4r1m

I got accepted into both schools for software engineering with both co-op option. I'm just curious which is a better school in terms of a few things.

1) which will look better when I want to apply for graduate studies
2) coop; alberta's coop program gets you a job around the oil industry.. what kind of coop jobs do you think concordia offers?
3) and ofcourse which a better school overall for software?

your opinions are welcomed, These are my only 2 options.

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2 replies
A photo of ktel ktel
1) Neither. Your grades and research experience will matter the most. I think U of A is slightly more internationally recognized but could be wrong
2) Not just oil industry jobs in Alberta
3) Engineering programs are fairly comparable throughout Canada. Which city do you want to live in? That's the big question there.

Also, unless they've changed things, U of A is a general first year and you apply for your discipline after first year and it's competitive based on grades. So you would be accepted into engineering at U of A, not software with co-op.
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A photo of k4r1m k4r1m
Oh yeah sorry I forgot to mention that I'm already in university and I have finished my first year taking all the general courses and I got accepted into both universities 2nd year programs.

In terms of the cities, I already live in Edmonton and I'm thinking Montreal will defiantly be a nice and challenging experience.

However I was thinking that the school was a big factor in education and will matter but your right it's what you make of it. so I'm just going to take school out of the equation and think about this.

Thanks and any other ideas/thoughts are welcomed :)
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