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Concurrent at a 'second-rate' school or alternate at a recognized school?

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So, over the past year, I've been told that out of the Universities I've chosen (UTM, Brock and Tret), UTM is the most recognized school. After applying at the Concurrent Education program at these schools, I received only one offer (Brock); the rest were alternates (Studies in Psychology @ UTM and Honors Arts @ Trent).

Although the choice for me is leaning towards Brock because it is the only program I got accepted to that I wanted, I keep hearing that it's a second rate school that no one really takes seriously.

Is it true? Ambitious as this sounds, I want to start teaching asap and Brock seems like the smartest academic decision to make. I don't want to end up spending money on programs elsewhere that won't guarantee I'll ever be a teacher.

As you can see, I'm in a strange dilemma here. Our school counselor hasn't really helped so I was hoping that a real student, or someone who's been down this road could offer some assistance.
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Brock has one of the most respected Faculties of Education in Ontario. Do not worry, con.ed at Brock is a good decision. The only problem I have with Brock's con.ed is that they don't start placement in first year. While I'm sure they have some sort of pedagogical rationale behind this choice not to have placements then, I personally think that placements are better as early as possible.

Considering that your other schools won't get you placements until teachers college, I advise you to go to Brock (which is NOT second rate in the world of teaching - in fact, I plan to do my M.Ed there if I ever get one).
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A photo of bugoycmike bugoycmike
If you can, what exactly do you mean by there are no placements in the first year? Do you mean to say that I won't get any 'actual teaching experience' until year two? If so, I'm not quite worried about that at the moment...I took a Co-Op class during my third year of high school at an elementary school and I (think) I have a good idea of what to expect. :)

And thank you. You don't know how much this situation was eating me up inside. But I digress, thank you again!
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Yes, I mean a formal practicum teaching experience. I know you've done some co-op in high school, but everyone says it's not the same when you're there as a formal student teacher. I liked having my placement in first year because it kept me excited about being in school, but if you don't mind then go ahead and enjoy Brock!
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