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Concurrent at York

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Just a quick question, I can't seem to find it on their website :S
I'm going into teaching and York's one of my choices, but I know that their concurrent program starts second year.
Does the program that I take in first year continue on through till I graduate, or am I able to change my program?
For example, if I wanna teach English, should I choose English as my program of study in first year, or can I choose an easier course in first year, and change it up in second year when I hopefully get into the concurrent program?
Thanks :)
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A photo of simpson18 simpson18
I am a Concurrent Ed student at Windsor, and I am in my first year, so all I had to take were classes for my major, Child Psych, so I would assume that York would work the same way. But I had to apply for Concurrent Ed straight out of high school. It is not offered to appplicants already in school, so you may want to make sure that you don't have to apply to both your major and Concurrent Ed. Email the head of Education, or someone in their office--they'll be able to give you the best answer, as all universities don't run things the same way.
Good luck!
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