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Concurrent Education at York?

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I have high enough marks to attend UofT. However, they don't offer concurrent education with teachables like english and social science-general (what I've been hoping to take). Is their concurrent education program any good? Also... which UofT program would count as "social science-general"?
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U of T's faculty of education is very research based. I'm personally planning to do my Ph.D in education at OISE eventually. I haven't heard too many good things from their B.Ed students. By contrast, I've heard quite good things about York so I would personally choose to go there. Overall they probably have a better atmosphere for teacher candidates to grow professionally anyways.

That said, if you do choose U of T, what I will say is not to worry about them not offering the teachable subjects you like. The way it works is that you can pick up 2 teaching subjects that they offer (let's say math and chemistry at UTM) and use elective to take 2 social science courses. You can then use those 2 credits as the prerequisite to take the social science teachable AQ course.

AQ courses are professional development opportunities that teachers are expected to take while they teach. They qualify teachers to do a myriad of different things. There are AQ courses for teaching kindergarten, teaching different teachable subjects, special education and much more.

In all, do not worry about which teachable subjects they do and do not offer in their Con.Ed program. Do not even look at the teaching divisions they offer; as long as you take enough courses in 2 teaching subjects you can take the AQ course (called an ABQ) to teach the intermediate and senior divisions. Don't reject a school just because they don't offer the division you like!
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We should improve our current education system. We all should think about it seriously.
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The purpose of concurrent enrollment is to provide a challenging college-level experience in their last two years of high school. Course offerings in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Humanities, World Languages, Career Technical programs and Education have been implemented in high school throughout the state. For more information you may check this link http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/
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