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CONCURRENT EDUCATION- Trent-Queens or Brock?

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I have no clue what to choose between? Anyone have any opinions?
Based on social life, residences, size, etc
I'd really appreciate the help!
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Queens is best.
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Hey there - Queen's-Trent student here to give my (somewhat biased) opinion. Definitely go to Queen's-Trent if those are the places you're debating between.

Trent is smaller. It has 10% of the incoming arts and science students as concurrent students, and several more coming in through the teachers streams and people wanting to do teaching in consecutive programs. As such, it's quite a teacher-focused school with lots of opportunities to develop as a teacher and be the best you can be. In addition, the high proportion of con.ed students also means that you'll have 2-3 friends you know from con.ed in each of your classes, and you can support each other as necessary (study before a midterm, working collaboratively on projects, getting notes from someone if you miss a lecture, etc.). Con.Ed students are very strong from a community perspective in that aspect.

As for residences, Trent has a pretty good variety. I actually have a perspective that not very many people have, so if you want any specific questions answered, please feel free to ask them and I'll be more than happy to help you decide which residence you'd fit in with best.

In terms of social life, I would say that everywhere has everything but overall I think this might be the one area Brock wins in. Don't get me wrong, Trent and Peterborough have things happening all the time. It's just that Brock has more stuff around it to do (close to casinos, the USA for shopping, and St. Catherine's is generally a bigger city than Peterborough). With that said, if the arts scene is your thing you may really enjoy Peterborough because of our thriving local arts scene that you can easily get involved in.

From a program perspective, the program at Queen's (and Queen's-Trent runs off the EXACT same program) is great. We have some very dedicated instructors who help you in every way they can to prepare you for a career in teaching. We get placement right from first year, which Brock does not. You also get to experience two different universities, which is nice just from a broadening your experiences point of view.

Either way, I highly suggest you go visit both campuses (and perhaps Queen's Duncan McArthur Hall) and decide which one you prefer to spend the next 5 years of your life at.

If you have any more questions about Trent, please ask away!
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