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Conditional Acceptance

A photo of jayseofob jayseofob
Hey guys, I know i sound really stupid but I lost my acceptance package for York Glendon :( Can anyone tell me what the conditions are for Political Science at York Glendon? because I thought I wouldnt need to worry about my average, but I guess I loafted alot last couple months and my average dropped to 77. The website said that the Cut off average was 78, thats not the Average that I had to maintain right? cause all my other acceptance from Ottawa, Mac and UT said that I need a minimum of 70.
I got my conditional acceptance before my first semester mark went in.
Thanks for the help guys :)
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
Obviously, call the school; if no one answers in time Just ask for the number unless you want to wait for weeks for a package.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
The minimum that you need for any program, if you got a conditional acceptance, is whatever average they told you you need to maintain. It is usually a bit below the cutoff, so you might be fine. But for the question regarding your program at Glendon, what exact program option are you pursuing? (I'm talking (Specialized)Honours (Double)Major/Minor BA/iBA, etc.)
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