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Conditional Offer

A photo of davidpais davidpais
I am a York student and received a conditional offer from Ivey. What GPA do I have to maintain to keep my acceptance?
York is on a 9 point grade scale and from what I've been told:

A+= 95
A= 87
B+= 78
B = 75

York equivalents for Business 2257 are 3 different courses. I got a B and B+ in the first two, so if I get a C+ in managerial accounting, do I still qualify for admission?
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
What was your GPA at the time of acceptance, if I may ask.
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A photo of davidpais davidpais
I just received the offer, so it was based on my first year grades, as well as first semester second year. When I convert it to the scale mentioned above, its 82.8% but my York GPA is 7.4
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A photo of g93 g93
I'm confused with what you're asking about, but this may or may not help: http://careers.mcmaster.ca/students/education-planning/virtual-resources/gpa-conversion-chart

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A photo of JulianA JulianA
Did they send the offer through the mail or email?
What were your extra curriculars like?
How low can your average drop before the offer is revoked?

Sorry for all the questions but I am also a transfer student and climbing up the walls waiting for the conditional acceptance.
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