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Conditional Offer Question

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On my conditional offer letter, it says i must graduate with an overall average of at least 70% in six Grade 12 U/M courses including 65% or higher in each of Grade U English and Mathematics (one of: Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors or Mathematics of Data Management).

So basically my only prereqs are gr 12 english and ONE math... I already completed english and 1 math last semester... Both marks were over 65%. Now the problem is that i'm currently taking another math course and my mark is below 65%... so will my offer be revoked ? Cuz technically ive already met their conditions for the english and 1 math course... So this is just an extra math course... ? Im starting to freak out b/c of this.... Anyone know anything about this?? Id appreciate ur input! Btw its for business at ryerson! Thanks in advance.
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I think you answered that for yourself. If it says you only need 1 math above 65% and English above 65%, then you are set. As long as you meet the requirement for your overall average you should be good to go.
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I was actually in the same situation but I ended up dropping the other math yesterday. I called admissions for where I'm going and they said as long as I already had the one needed math the other didnt matter
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^ both of you were right! I called the admission office today and they said it won't count!! I'm SO relieved... i can finally sleep in peace. :D
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