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Conditional Offer?

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Hey. I applied to my universities a few days ago, and yesterday I got an admission offer from Carleton (my top choice) for Computer Science. However, it says the it is a coditional offer. When I looked through the information, from what I understand, I need to keep a 75% overall average, and atleast a 70% in either Advanced Functions or Calculus & Vectors, and I must meet the requirements (diploma, citizenship, etc.) Is this correct? If I keep those two things, am I guaranteed admission? Also, on the offer, it says that I have Co-Op. Does this mean that I am guarenteed to get into co-op as well, or do I have to keep other grades/requirements to keep with that?

I'm excited, but I also want to make sure I have all the proper information. Also, when will I know for 100% sure that I have been accepted and will be going? Also, when I hit accept offer, it says that I have to go to the submit option. Can I submit replies to offers more than once, or can I only do it once? Is there any advantage to accepting the offer early, or should I wait until later? (It says the deadline submission is 2012-06-1)

Thank you in advance for any helpful replies.
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Most times a conditional offer is based on the general conditions that you outlined above. They do vary year-to-year, so find out from the admission office to be certain, if your borderline with marks. Occasionally, there are additional conditions, such as completing a summer school credit by a certain date.

You will only reach full matriculation status once you have submitted your final highschool transcript and any other supporting documentation. Rest assured, your offer wont go anywhere in the meantime.

The OUAC system will only allow you to have one school accepted at any given time. For example, you can accept Carleton and if at a later date you want to accept an offer from another school, you will be required to decline the Carleton offer, before accepting the other school. A word of caution - most universities will not allow you to re-accept once you have accepted and then declined. My advice is not to accept any offer until closer to the expiry date unless you are 100% certain you want that school. Seems like Carleton is your top choice, so maybe accepting is not a bad idea. They will not withdraw the offer until the expiry date, so waiting is not a bad idea either. Sometimes unexpected scholarships come, which influence your decision.

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