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Con-Ed At York Glendon Campus? Or Trent-Queens?

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Where would you choose to go?
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I would attend Trent-Queen's.


'cause the Trent campus is beautiful. =) It's right next to an awesome river, and from what I have gathered, while it's filled with beautiful scenery, it is also very easy to go into town using the trent buses. =D and they give good scholarships. o:

As for york, don't you get in their con-ed program in 2nd year? I heard/read it's very competitive. o: ._.; and watch, York will go on strike again in the middle of the school year. -_-;
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If your goal is to be an excellent teacher, come to Trent. If your goal is to be the best French speaker you can be, go to York. If you need me to explain more, simply ask specific questions and I'll explain the best I can from my vantage point.
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
actually, glendon's con-ed is first year entry, (i applied to that program). if you want to be a french teacher (especially immersion) it seems like a really great opporunity, but then obviously there are pros and cons to both uni's...it really depends on what you want. for me personally, i'm not a fan of toronto, and the fact that i'd have to do a lot of courses at the keele campus didn't appeal to me either, and the strikes bothered me as well.

on the other hand, the campus is beautiful, (just as much as trent's) it's really small, if that's what you want and an extreme benefit if you want to learn the language.i really like the seclusion of the campus as well, and the natural beauty of it :)

the schools are probably comparable in their education component for the most part, but again there are certainly going to be specific benefits to each school.

so...i chose to go to trent, because of: my dislike of toronto, and the limited course offerings in history (my future minor) :),

but the pull factors to glendon were the bilingual atmosphere and the benefits of the french based program.

i guess it really depends on your personal interests, and what's most important to you!

so...i guess i'm saying that i recommend both of them...but in the end i did decide on trent :)
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